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10dence - Illegallery

Very pleased to introduce 10dence ‘Illegallery’, the smallest gallery in the world without a permanent location. Illegallery moves around and launches activities and mini venues at surprise hotspots wherever available and applicable. Due to the Corona pandemic a more site specific launch and inauguration of the 10dence Illegallery has been postponed several times after governmental restrictions on public attendance and interaction. We are completely done postponing and decided to launch Illegallery on social media and websites for the time being and do a regular evaluation on the possibilities for changes. We are not quite sure if Illegallery should be called an art gallery or an installation and we expect that time will provide a solution in this matter….

The basic idea to label Illegallery as the smallest gallery in the world, has been inspired by a Chelsea based New York gallery called the Wrong Gallery (2002-2005) as well as the Aanschouw gallery in Rotterdam and still at work since 2001. A clear difference would be that Illegallery besides the actual display case, basically does not have a fixed location like the mentioned counterparts. So, like a kind of a backpack gallery, it could suddenly pop up somewhere in the Amazone as well as somewhere in the center of Paris. Most important conceptual element would be the triggering of dialogue for art loving individuals.
Illegallery is basically a 100x70x20 cm display case where artists take turns exhibiting one work. There will be an ongoing and monthly changing program presenting one work at a time by an artist residing on this planet. Maximum dimensions of a work to be displayed are 40x50x10 cm. Illegallery is curated by the Dutch artist and curator Ron Weijers. Life is as simple as that and that’s actually all (art) folks…
One could interpret the Illegallery concept also like a more exclusive parasite development related to streetart and graffiti, providing a public space for artists to give substance to interact and to express themselves. The popularity of Illegallery will increase significantly as the images and reports of this new smallest flex gallery in the world will spread around the social media globe.
Illegallery is a 10dence platform non-subsidized artists for artists initiative full of energy and inspiration and we already started curating the 10dence Illegallery exhibition program. First artist on display… the Dutch contemporary artist Larisa Sjoerds. Larisa Sjoerds shows - Blueprints of subconsciousness # 21 – 2021 – mixed media on Fabriano 300 – 32x40 cm – framed 40x50 cm
Interested in her work or in 10dence Illegallery….!!! Do not hesitate and feel free to reach out to us at

email: info@10dencegallery.com